5 Types Of Pizza Ovens

Wondering which of the 5 types of pizza oven suits your pizzeria? Purchasing the right type of oven is one of the crucial and the biggest investment on a pizzeria business. Choosing which one that is right for your needs is a daunting task.

In this article, we will provide you a brief overview of the 5 types of commercial pizza ovens (Convection, Conveyor, Deck, Brick, Countertop) to make your investment easy and efficient.  These models vary based on their efficiency, size, cost, heating method, preheat time, and cooking time. We’ll look at all the characteristics and the recommended pizza type for each of the 5 types of pizza oven. Though most food professionals and kitchen experts recommend a manual brick pizza oven as a comparatively better model for commercial use, it’s better to consider your cost, kitchen size, pizza volume, and type of pizza to make a firm decision before investing.

Commercial Oven Types for Your Pizzeria

There are 5 types of commercial ovens commonly used in a pizzerias, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. Here are the 5 types of pizza oven to consider:


Brick Oven

A brick oven also called a stone oven or masonry oven is made from fireproof materials like concrete, brick, or clay. These materials are suitable for use because of their ability to withstand high temperatures.

Brick ovens produce a unique flavor that cannot be replicated in other commercial oven types; this sets a pizzeria apart from its competitors.

Benefits of Commercial Brick Ovens

  • Commercial brick ovens can reach very high temperatures
  • The thick walls of a brick oven help to evenly distribute heat, which results in evenly cooked food
  • Baking pizza takes not many minutes

Conveyor Oven

A conveyor oven uses a belt to move food through the cooking chamber; allowing the food to be cooked evenly and continuously. It is a popular choice for the mass production of food items in a commercial kitchen setting.

Benefits of Conveyor Ovens

  • They are easy to operate and can be operated by employees with minimal training
  • Conveyor ovens keep your pizza from drying out
  • They can cook large quantities of food quickly and consistently
deck type pizza oven

Deck Oven

Deck ovens are a type of commercial oven that is used to bake a variety of goods including bread, casseroles, and pizza. They are characterized by one or more decks or shelves on which food is placed for baking. The ovens are heated by electricity or gas and are known for their ability to produce high-quality baked goods.

Benefits of Commercial Deck Ovens

  • Deck ovens are generally very durable. They are built to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen
  • They are a great solution if your business is worried about its energy costs. This oven can save up to 75% fuel, versus other ovens
  • One really important benefit of this oven is that it retains plenty of steam
convection type pizza oven

Convection Oven

A commercial convection oven also known as a fan-assisted oven is an appliance that is used to bake or roast food using heated air that is circulated throughout the oven cavity by a fan.

It comes with programmable controls that allow your staff to bake or roast easily just by pushing a button.

Benefits of Convection Ovens

  • Some convection ovens have a self-cleaning feature, making them easier to clean than regular ovens.
  • As a result of its circulating hot air and even cooking, you no longer have to worry about rotating what you’re baking
  • Convection ovens tend to produce better browning because the hot air helps to caramelize the natural sugars in the food, resulting in a nice, crispy exterior.
countertop type pizza oven

Countertop Oven

A countertop oven is a portable oven that sits on top of a kitchen counter and is used for baking or broiling small quantities of food. It is generally smaller and more energy-saving. Some countertop ovens are also equipped with convection capabilities, which means they can circulate hot air to cook food faster and more evenly.

Benefits of Countertop Ovens

  • Because they are smaller and have fewer parts than traditional ovens, countertop ovens are easier to clean
  • They are easy to use and come with straightforward controls
  • Many countertop ovens come with multiple cooking functions, such as baking, broiling, and roasting, allowing you to use them for a variety of cooking tasks

The user guide tables in the following section will assist you to make a sound decision in making your investment.

Efficiency Table of Comparison of The 5 Types of Oven

Convection 40/chamber 15 ft3-60 ft3 $1K-$10K Convection heat 15-20 minutes 5-6 minutes
Conveyor 80/belt 150 ft3-300 ft3 $5K-$30K Convection or radiant heat 10-15 minutes 4-5 minutes
Deck 50/deck 100 ft3-180 ft3 $5.5K-$30K Conduction and radiant heat 60 minutes 6-8 minutes
Brick 80/deck 150 ft3-400 ftor more $2K-$4K Custom-made, depending on contractor, size, and materials. Convection, reflection, and conduction heat 45-60 minutes 2-5 minutes
Countertop 81/deck 151 ft3-400 ft3 or more $150-$11K Convection, Conveyor, and Deck 12-20 minutes 1.5-4 minutes

Have the Best according to Pizza Type

Convection New York and Neapolitan Light and Medium Toppings Thin and Medium Crusts
Conveyor New York and Neapolitan Light and Medium Toppings Thin and Medium Crusts
Deck New York, Neapolitan, Chicago, and Sicilian Light and Heavy Toppings All Crusts
Brick California-Style, New York, Neapolitan, Chicago, and Sicilian Light and Heavy Toppings All Crusts
Countertop New York, Neapolitan, Heating Frozen Pizza Light and Heavy Toppings All Crusts


No matter which type of commercial oven you choose, it’s important to consider the specific needs and budget of your pizzeria. By taking the time to research and compare the 5 types of pizza ovens, you can decide which is the right choice for your specific needs.

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